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State-of-the-art inspection


Gas cylinder inspection is performed in accordance with legal provision as they currently apply to transporting hazardous substances (ADR / RID). National and E.U. regulations are consistently complied with or exceeded. Among others, our inspection follows the directives issued by the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT).

In recent years, ultrasonic testing has established itself as the standard process, thereby representing the state of the art. This inspection process consists of an automated sensing scan of the entire cylinder, in order to check the material for surface and internal defects as well as insufficient wall thickness. This procedure ensures that statements about the condition and the future use of the gas cylinder are adequate to the highest possible extent.

Using the hydrostatic testing process, the cylinders can be subjected to the application of a precise test pressure for purposes of inspection.

Volumetric expansion testing (also called water jacket test) is preferred for the inspection of cylinders made of composite materials.

Large vessels (such as hydrogen tubes) are inspected using acoustic emission testing.

Eddy-current testing, to detect cracks, and hardness testing, to determine material hardness, may also be added to the system.

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ultrasonic testing

Gasitech: Pruefung

large vessels testing

Gasitech: Pruefung

eddy-current testing

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