Surface treatment

Surface pre-treatment plays a crucial role in assuring optimised corrosion protection. In this area of production, we use wheel-blast systems for steel products and gas cylinders, as well as for aluminium and brass products.
Contamination and rust inside the cylinders are removed using automated internal blasting equipment. This significantly improves the quality of corrosion protection and ensures ideal preparation of the gas cylinder surface for downstream painting.

Several paint layering systems are used in the painting process that enable the implementation of high-quality powder and wet coating applications.
Automated and manual systems allow us to respond flexibly to customer wishes. We adhere to DIN EN ISO 12944 for wet coating and to DIN 55633 for powder coating systems.
Duplex system powder coating that satisfies the highest anti-corrosion category C5-I is offered for steel cylinders used in hydrogen transport trailers.

  • Wet coating

  • Powder coating

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