Gas cylinders are tested according to the latest versions of hazardous materials transportation laws (ADR/RID). National and EU directives are applied consistently and in line with developments.

Now an established standard, ultrasound testing ensures that our findings determine as precisely as possible the condition of gas cylinders and the options for their continued use. Automatic sensors travel across the entire cylinder body, identifying any external and internal defects, as well as insufficient wall thickness in the material.
We also use water pressure testing, in which the cylinders are exposed to a precisely defined test pressure.
Eddy current testing is our method to detect cracks, while hardness testing is applied to determine material hardness.

Among others, our test portfolio includes:

  • Gas cylinders/cylinder bundles from the technical, medical and food sectors, as well as the area of special gases
  • Tubes/large cylinders
  • Small cylinders for beverage dispensers

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